Friday, 5 April 2013

Production diary semester II

I got behind with updating blog. I think degree show organisation took over a lot of my time. Unfortunely not just personal time but art time. Here is quick run through second semester of 4th year.

Christmas break
Working on dissertation, plus normal work .10th January Outplay entertainment visit

Week 1 /  14  - 18  January
Monday 14th 2013 January Dissertation deadline.
Tuesday, Wednesday (15th 16th January) organisation of next term, going through the rigs and modelling schedule for Nuria Thursday – life drawing, working on rigs, and blend shapes. More blend shapes  

Week 2 /  21-25 January
Working on blend shapes and scaling issues, fixing problems with weights, problem with n-cloth for a Sarah dress. Re-doing all blendshapes connections and set driven key for Sarah.   Getting in touch with Dublin. Meeting with Mhari – degree show

Week 3/ 28 January – 1 February
Modelling for second location of The Keeper . Meeting with Daniel about textures and uv maps. Friday Meeting with Gareth Lee . Life drawing on Thursday. Getting in touch with Prof Caroline Wilkinson and Dr Catherine Carr about possibility of participating in dissection . Denki Visit. Started modelling props for krokoddi

Week 4/  4-8 February
Modelling for The Keeper. Uv mapping. Fixing issues with previous models. New window in the workshop. Some others models re-done . Life drawing. Getting started with anatomy research. Modelling, uv mapping and texturing extra props for Krokoddi

Week 5 /11- 15 February
Modelling  and UV mapping The Keeper. Dublin Trip ISA CON

Week 6 18 -22 February
Modelling The Keeper and UV mapping . Dharcy Thomson Museum visit and drawing

Week 7 /25 February / 1 st march
Design and the Market presentation. Learning Z-Brush.  First Zbrush sculpt completed. Head study . Postgraduate open day

Week 8 4-8 march
Learning Z-Brush.  Meeting with Sharon. Working with website. First  visit  to MSI. Drawing. Frame day-going through all the frames. Games in Scotland event – networking for degree show. Modelling skull

Week 9/ 11 - 15 march
Learning Z-Brush.  13 march meeting with Mark Roughley postgraduate portfolio feedback. Getting in touch with companies about  degree show. Photo session for the website. Meeting wit Laura – exhibition department. Meeting with Jamie and Malcolm.  Photogrammetry lecture Degree show meeting

Week 10 / 18 -22 March
Stewart Graham visit (19th march). Working with Ruth talking reference images for sculptures.  . Visit  to MSI. Modelling skull.

Week 11 25-29 march
Website creation Bake sale , working with Ruth. Researching clay modelling techniques. taking photographs of big life drawing. 25 march meeting with Danny hill.  Visit  to MSI. Sadly no modelling

Week 12 1 April 5 April
More degree show organisation. Finish skull